Koensrust Farm is situated on the Southern Cape Coast on the Duiwenhoks River and is a wonderful place to relax and get away from the stresses of city life. The farm has lots of game including Bontebok, Red Hartebees, Eland, Cape Mountain Zebra, Grey Rhebuck, Bush Buck, Duiker, Grysbok, and Steenbok.

On any walk through the veldt you are bound to walk into a family group of one of these animals and if lucky you may even see Caracal.   The veld has never been plowed and has not been grazed for many years and as a result of our veld management program is a wonderful example of Southern Cape and Limestone Fynbos.   Come at any time of the year and there is bound to be something in flower.   An active alien removal program over the past 15 years has ensured that the farm is free of Rooikranz that infests much of the area.

In addition, should you be a fisherman, the farm has 2,5km of private coastline and 1 km of river frontage with Kob, Galjoen, and Musselcracker being favourite local catches.   If you want to relax, walk in the veldt, run along the beach, fish, swim, or just explore the area, then you should come and visit us at Koensrust.   We offer accommodation in the Beach Shack, the Cottage, the Kapstyl and the Tented River Camp.