Directions – From Cape Town to Vermaaklikheid

  • Take N2 to George
  • 4km before Heidelberg take the tarred road on the right hand side to Witsands (note there are two other previous turnoffs to Witsands that you must ignore)
  • Carry on for +- 5km and you will see a dirt road on the left hand side to Vermaaklikheid. Take this road
  • Follow this road to Vermaaklikheid.   You will pass two T junctions.   The first go left, and the second – after the river – go right. You will pass through the village of Vermaaklikheid.   Carry on straight up the hill towards Puntjie (there is no sign).
Directions – From George to Vermaaklikheid

  • Take N2 to George
  • At Riversdale (opposite turnoff to town on the right hand side) turn left towards Vermaaklikheid.
  • You carry straight on on this road until you hit a T-junction (at some place along the way you hit what looks like a fork – take the more used road going to the Left.
  • At the T-junction turn left.   You will pass through the village of Vermaaklikheid. Carry on straight up the hill towards Puntjie (there is no sign).

Directions – Vermaaklikheid to Koensrust

  • You will pass a road turning of on the right to Blombos – Do not take the Blombos road – carry on straight (in the same direction as Puntjie).
  • You will now have game fencing on your left hand side.   The third gate on the left hand side will have a sign on that says Koensrust.   (50 yards previously the gate will have had a sign that said Heuningbaai, Steenkoolfontein).   If you are going to the cottage, Kapstyl or beach shack, go through the automated gate (you will have the code) and drive on down the road.  The Kapstyl will turn of to the left before the yard, the Cottage will be on the yard, and if you are going to the beach shack drive down to the sea and follow the signs.  The unit will be open and the keys in the door.
  •  If you are staying at the River Tented camp the entrance gate is the second gate on Right hand side of public road about 150 meters after the main Koensrust gate.  Follow the road to the parking circle – if you have signed the indemnity form, your phone will be authorised to open the gate by calling the number to drive down to the Tented River camp. If not, you will need to park and walk down the 4×4 track.

GPS Coordinates

Entrance Gate:
S 34° 20’ 20.59”
E 21° 2’ 18.07”
Beach Shack:
S 34° 22’ 13.26”
E 21° 2’ 34.50”
River Camp:
S 34° 20’ 21.02”
E 21° 1’ 26.21”
Kapstyl Huisie
S 34° 21’ .08”
E 21° 2’ 25.95″
Yard Cottage
S 34° 21’ 34″
E 21° 2’ 13.86″

Contact Details

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Additional documents for download

Beach Shack

The Yard Cottage

The Kapstyl

Tented River Camp